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We have been operating in Durban as Gas Up since 2010 doing gas distribution and installs, since 1 September 2018 we sold the distribution side of things and are focusing strictly on gas installations under PRESTIGE GAS INSTALLATIONS.

Our current client base consists of a large share of the hospitality industry and private residences.

We offer residential Gas installations and Compliance certificates for new builds, buildings and houses for sale. We strive on quality of workmanship and pricing. We are certified Installers with the SAQCC have a compressed gas license.

We also offer the manufacturing/supply of gas cages and supply/installation of gas geysers.
Our predominant targets are the Residential and Commercial LPG markets. With doing new installs and making old houses/installs compliant and saving our clients’ money on electricity and giving them instant heat.

Residential Gas Installations

Compliance Certificates

Compressed Gas License

Certified Installer With SAQCC

We strive on service and make sure every client is looked after.

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